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What is certified organic coffee?

[ADSENSE_0000000096]Certified organic coffee is a term that is used often in the coffee industry but not everyone knows exactly what it means. Certified organic coffee is grown by environmentally friendly farmers who focus their efforts on using renewable sources and who focus on conserving soil and water. If you see that a product is certified organic coffee, you will be sure to know that there are no chemicals or pesticides that were used in the growing of the coffee. The environment and the health of the farmers are preserved by not using these and many consumers prefer certified organic coffee because they like a more natural approach. People often seek out certified organic coffee in an effort to support attempts to be environmentally friendly. However, even farmers who use chemicals in their fertilizers and pesticides will likely not do a lot of harm to the finished product.

During the roasting process, non certified organic coffee will have burned off all the chemicals, reducing any risk to the consumer. While this is fine, it is not the point of purchasing certified organic coffee. Certified organic coffee is more focused on the environment and the soil. You will get a good quality coffee with certified organic coffee as well as be assured that you are environmentally conscious.

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