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Coffee Art: The New Form of Expression

[ADSENSE_0000000094] Coffee art has become a way of bringing art back to the table. These new works of art are entirely painted in varying colors and flavors of coffee, giving them a very aged look that is fantastic to hang in coffee shops and in someones home. Art, in itself, was the earliest form of expression and has been around since the dawn of time. As technology has increased, art has become rare as opposed to photographs and digitalized images to convey expression. Coffee art is easy enough to do. In order to prepare for making coffee art, coffee must be brewed and paint brushes must be prepared. Unlike regular paint and oil works of art, when a person does coffee art there is no need for specialized cleaners. Coffee art is completely non-toxic. Another nice thing about coffee art is the face that it can be washed off the canvas while still wet in case of a mistake in the coffee art being made.

The BaristaKaren Eland is a self taught coffee art painter. Andy and Angel Saur also are coffee art painters, and all three artists give the art their own look and feel. Anything can be painted with coffee. It is just like painting with water colors, and offers a safe, toxic free environment for animals and children to be around. The coffee art dries and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Normal paint brushes can be used on canvas to create coffee art in a persons own taste. Coffee art is not only healthy, but it can be fun as well for not only adults but children as well. Whether a person simply wants a pretty piece of art to hang in their home or business, or they want a fun activity that the whole family can participate in, coffee art is a fun choice for either.

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