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Using the right espresso cleaning supplies will make maintenance easier and more efficient.

How do you know which espresso cleaning supplies you need? Here are a few guidelines to make this quick and easy for you.

The must among espresso cleaning supplies is a brush to clean the group head every time you use your machine. Choose a nylon brush which is plastic-safe. Be particularly careful when cleaning around the seal, to make sure no residue can cause a lack of pressure while brewing. For the milk wand, after you rinse the inside by letting steam out, use a fine pipe brush to remove any traces of milk.

In addition to your hand power, cleaning chemicals are indispensable cleaning supplies. They are available in the form of powder or tablets. WEAR GLOVES! Use tablets every 30 uses the same way you would use coffee: you brew the tablet three or four times, waiting 30 seconds between each shot. Powdered chemicals must be dissolved in water (follow instructions on package) and used through the whole espresso maker or drip coffee maker. Either you use tablets or powder, rinse thoroughly your coffee maker. You can use a PH test strip to make sure all cleaning chemicals are gone. This way, you will brew quality shots every time.

You'll also want to clean your mill, to get rid of natural coffee oils and smells from flavored coffee beans (you shouldnt grind flavored coffee beans in your own mill in the first place, but in case you did). There exist food safe, natural espresso grinder cleaning supplies that can be used on a regular basis to exempt you from disassembling the whole mill and scrubbing it. Such products are under the form of coffee bean shaped tablets, so you grind them just like coffee. To clean up afterwards, just grind twice as much coffee beans.

Using the right espresso cleaning supplies on a regular basis will extend the life of your equipment and save you trouble and money.

See why it's important to clean your espresso machine. It can save you money and time!


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