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Saeco Espresso Machines: An Italian Approach to Coffee Enhancement

The Saeco Company was founded in 1981 by Sergio Zapella and Arthur Schmed. They began producing Saeco espresso machines for the use in the home, but when the company acquired the Gaggia company, they began producing vending and commercial espresso machines, beginning the globalization of the Saeco company. The company is both the Italian and European market leader.

For home use, Saeco espresso coffee machines are available in two varieties, these are: super automatic machines and traditional machines. The Saeco Espresso Classico model is a more compact machine for a true traditional espresso experience. Besides its great looks, its unique Saeco pressurized filter holder makes it the top of its class amongst competition, and it is very affordable.

The Talea Giro and the Magic Comfort + are both super automatic Saeco machines that will grind the coffee beans, press them, filter and discard the grounds themselves at the simple press of a button. They are excellent choices for the discriminating espresso lover who wants the whole gourmet coffee experience without the concern of preparing it himself.

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