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How Can I Enjoy Hazelnut Decaf Coffee?

[ADSENSE_0000000096]Hazelnut decaf coffee is essentially a normal decaffeinated coffee that has an added hazelnut flavoring. This flavoring gives a regular cup of coffee a sweet and nutty flavor. Of all specialty decaf coffees, hazelnut decaffeinated coffee is among the most popular. Hazelnut flavored coffee can be found in most specialty coffee shops. It is also found in many finer dining establishments. Additionally, consumers can purchase decaf coffee with a hazelnut flavoring syrup for home brewing. Both roasted beans and pre ground hazelnut decaffeinated coffees are available for purchase at grocery stores or from online retailers. The prices generally do not vary significantly from those of regular coffees. There are also several instant brands of hazelnut flavored coffee available from the same retailers in decaf.

Finally, you can also concoct your own specialty blend of decaf coffee by adding hazelnut flavored dairy or non-dairy creamer or syrup to a regular cup of decaffeinated coffee. These creamers are found in most grocery stores. If you prefer a sugar free type of hazelnut coffee, a type of low calorie syrup is also readily available as coffee flavoring. Many people who are on a diet will choose that option. You can use hazelnut coffee in decaf for a typical cup of coffee or it can be used in your favorite coffee drink recipes for a hint of additional flavor.

For more decaf flavored coffee options, see our Gourmet Coffee Beans page.


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