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Italian espresso in the comfort of your own home

[ADSENSE_0000000096] When people think of Italian espresso they often have images of sipping an espresso in an outdoor caf, people watching and enjoying the outdoors. You can get that same feeling in your own home by making Italian coffee in your very own kitchen. Instead of that same cup of black coffee, try a mid afternoon espresso while sitting in your backyard with a good book. You can recreate that Italian feel without having to go to Italy. For even more enjoyment, invite some of your favorite people over for a small get together. You can have a highly enjoyable time sipping an Italian special espresso with your friends around the pool or in the garden. It is also a great idea to start off a book club. You and your friends can read a book over the course of a month or a couple weeks and discuss it over a cup of Italian coffee.

Espresso coffee from Italy is one of the finest types of espresso that can be drunk. You can make it by buying some rich Illy coffee beans, grinding them yourself and preparing them in a home espresso machine. Illy coffee is renowned for their fine coffee beans available in whole bean to grind yourself or in a prepared fine grind, which is ideal for an stovetop espresso maker. You will be able to find Italian beans from Illy directly from their website which is definitely worth a look.

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