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Cleaning an espresso machine regularly will keep the coffee tasty and can save you a lot of money and time.

If you notice that your coffee takes more and more time to brew and tends to burn, its a clue! Your espresso maker needs a good cleaning in order to brew quality shots every time. Does the thought of cleaning an espresso machine give you goosebumps? Most people dont know how to clean an espresso maker, how easy it is, when to do it and what to use.

First of all, you should use only distilled water to brew your coffee, or at least filtered water to have a better tasting espresso and avoid lime scale. As you know, most people dont follow this advice, so many products including descaling solution exist to clean your espresso maker.

Each time you use your espresso machine, be sure to empty the basket from its coffee and rinse it under hot water. To clean your espresso makers spouts, let some hot water from the makers reservoire run through. This will prevent coffee stains. If you've used the milk wand, start by cleaning the outside with a wet cloth and let steam out to remove milk from inside the fine pipe. You may also use a brush.

Every three to six months, depending on the hardness of your water, the tank, the portafilter, the coffee screen, the pipes, valves and the milk wand will need a good descaling. You definitely want to clean your espresso maker with a citric acid based solution. Some people use white vinegar, but we don't necessarily recommend it: it may leave an inappropriate smell. Put the descaling solution in the reservoire and run it through your pipes to make sure every part will soak. Let your espresso maker heat for half an hour, then empty the whole tank through your machine. Rinse your machine using two full tanks of water (distilled or from tap). Brew at least one cup of coffee and flush it down the drain. You can always use a PH test strip to check the hardness of your water, and to verify that all the acid descaling solution is gone.

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