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Shop for unique coffee gift baskets including gourmet coffee baskets and custom coffee baskets online!

[ADSENSE_0000000097] Unique coffee gift baskets are always a pleasure to give to a friend, parent or even a client as corporate gifts. Gourmet coffee gift baskets can be offered for Christmas, on a birthday, as a special thank you, as a hostess gift and in a variety of other occasions. You can even get custom coffee baskets at any budget delivered to a person’s door!

If you want to make it simple, buy a ready-made coffee and tea gift basket. Many different assortments are available. Gourmet baskets can contain one-pot coffee or tea bags, chocolate-covered espresso coffee beans, flavoring syrups, coffee mugs, coffee art books, coffee biscotti, mocha espresso sauce, coffee scoops and even coffee-scented soap and candles.

Isn’t it sometimes difficult to figure out what kind of corporate gifts will suit your employees or clients? With corporate coffee and tea gifts, you’re making sure to be right on target, and you’re taking all the trouble out of the corporate gift giving process.

On the other hand, offering a custom coffee basket makes a more personal gift. Create your own assortment of coffee samplers, dark chocolate squares, espresso chocolate candies, chocolate covered sticks and marshmallows. You can conceive a gourmet coffee gift basket fit for each unique being.

So order your coffee gift baskets from the following links now and choose either a delightful pre-designed gourmet coffee basket or tailor your own custom coffee basket to please who you like!

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