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Espresso machines provide the best tasting coffee with the least caffeine in it. As you may or may not know, espresso is simply another coffee brewing method. An espresso is obtained by forcing hot water through densely packed coffee.

Different types of home espresso equipment exist for different budgets and lifestyles. The lower-end espresso machines use steam pressure from a stovetop boiler to brew the coffee. Stovetop espresso makers are easy to use, portable and quite inexpensive: essential benefits for campers.

However, for espresso amateurs, a stovetop espresso machine won't be enough. Espresso lovers go for crema, a foamy golden layer forming on top of the drink, that is a particularity of coffee prepared with a pump style espresso machine. It results from the ability to build and trap pressure, only to release it at the appropriate moment. In a pump style maker, pressure is controlled by the pump instead of the temperature.

For the cappuccino lover in you, a mid-range home espresso machine includes a pump and a boiler, a portafilter and a steam nozzle to froth your milk. Some even have a coil to heat water to brew the coffee, and a separate boiler for the steam. This feature lets the user froth milk and brew coffee at the same time, and prepare a second cappuccino without having to wait for the machine to cool down. Still, the user must manipulate each part of the machine to prepare his drink.

The high-end home espresso and cappuccino maker is super automatic: it grinds coffee beans, presses them, filters and discards the grounds itself at the simple press of a button. It is programmable for serving sizes, and has a one-touch function for nearly every coffee beverage: 1 or 2 espressos, cappucino, latte, special coffee, milk or hot chocolate, hot water/tea, and 1 or 2 coffees. This espresso equipment is for true espresso and cappuccino maniacs, a far way from simple stovetop machines.

Pick out the best automatic espersso coffee machine and equipment fit for your budget and habits.


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