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Baileys Coffee Recipes To Share… or Hoard (and We Really Wouldn’t Blame You If You Did) 



As much as we all love coffee, there’s no denying that we all have those days when a plain ol’ cup of joe just isn’t going to do the trick. Sure, you could fish out that bottle of Baileys from your cupboard and add a few teaspoons – the classic, delicious way to have a Baileys coffee – or, you could take just 5 extra minutes and make yourself some of the best Baileys coffee you’ve ever tasted. Then the next time company comes over, serve one of these incredible Baileys coffees and soak up the admiration as they marvel over your creations!


Be forewarned, however: as normal as it may be for you to drink ten cups of coffee a day, that’s probably not the best course of action when it comes to coffee and Baileys (though it tastes just that good). Enjoy these recipes, but please be sure to do so responsibly.


Baileys Irish Coffee


This new twist on an old classic is perfect to serve after dinner, and because of how smooth and sweet it tastes, you might not even need to make a separate dessert!


What to use:


180ml brewed coffee

22ml Baileys Irish Cream

22ml Crème de Cacao

1.5ml Frangelico

1 can whipped cream

Pinch of cinnamon


What to do:


In your mug or tall glass, pour in the Baileys, Crème de Cacao and Frangelico (in that order). Carefully add your freshly brewed coffee, add a spray of whipped cream and a pinch of cinnamon, and serve immediately!



Baileys Café Latte


A Baileys Café Latte is a fantastic addition to any social gathering. Having friends over for coffee? Surprise them with a coffee that has kick. Just don’t forget the chocolate on top!


What to use:


20ml espresso

50ml Baileys Irish Cream

Steamed milk

Chocolate shavings or sprinkles


What to do:


In a large mug or tall glass, pour in the espresso and Baileys together. Use your espresso machine to steam enough milk to fill the rest of your glass or mug, and then froth a little more milk to add to the very top of the glass. Shake some chocolate shavings or chocolate sprinkles onto the top of the foam, take a sip, and enjoy!



Baileys Irish Cream Cappuccino


On a cold and rainy evening, or after a long day at work, a Baileys Irish Cream Cappuccino is the perfect way to slow yourself down and take some time to relax. One whiff of the smooth coffee and Baileys combined with a dash of nutmeg will calm your nerves and provide a soothing end to a long day.


What to use:


150ml brewed coffee

60ml Baileys Irish cream
1 can whipped cream
Pinch of nutmeg

What to do:


First, pour the Baileys into your mug or tall glass, followed by the freshly brewed, black coffee. Shake the can of whipped cream and spray it onto the top of the coffee, and add a pinch of nutmeg to the top for extra flavor. Grab a book, sit in front of the fireplace, and relax!



Baileys Mint Café Mocha


Although this Baileys Mint Café Mocha takes a little more time to prepare than some of the other Baileys coffee recipes, the end result will be worth it! If you like trying fancy, new flavored coffees from your local specialty shop, you’ll love trying this mint mocha coffee that will have you convinced of your newfound skills as a barista!


What to use:


40ml Baileys Mint Chocolate

22ml double espresso vodka

15ml white chocolate liqueur

30ml half-and-half cream

5ml chocolate syrup

3 espresso beans

1 mint leaf

Chocolate shavings

Lots of ice


What to do:


Fill a cocktail shaker three quarters of the way with ice, and add the Baileys, espresso vodka, and white chocolate liqueur. Shake for at least a minute, then add the cream. Stir this together gently, and set it aside for a minute. Carefully drizzle chocolate syrup into your glass – a martini glass works best for this drink – and then pour the rest of the drink in. Add garnish to your drink by placing three espresso beans in the center, with the mint leaf in between these for decoration. Place some chocolate shavings on top of the drink, then stand back and admire your creation! But not for too long… it tastes too good.



Baileys Coffee Sundae


Can’t decide whether you want coffee before dessert or afterward? Easy: have them together! And if you want to be really creative, add some chocolate or colored sprinkles on top – just for good measure. 


What to use:


180ml brewed coffee

20ml Baileys Irish Cream

1 scoop French Vanilla ice cream


What to do:


In a large mug, put one scoop of ice cream into the bottom and pour the Baileys overtop. Adjust the amount of Baileys to the amount of ice cream in the mug; it should be lightly coated but not drowning. When the coffee’s ready, add it to the ice cream and Baileys, and adjust it to taste. Don’t be afraid to add a little extra Baileys if the ice cream flavor overpowers it a bit – be responsible, but make this dessert drink your own!


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