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Turning Valentine’s leftovers into something new to love

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Leftover V-day chocolate got you down? Not to worry. I’ve got two ways you can enjoy espresso and get rid of all that yummy chocolate before lent arrives.

Valentine’s Day 2009 if officially behind us. Maybe that thought makes you happy. Maybe it makes you sigh. Maybe it’s left you with a pound and a half of chocolate that you’re not sure what to do with. Unless you envision yourself sitting down and gobbling up the whole thing in one sitting, the thought of all that glorious chocolate going to waste probably sends a chill through your bones.

Well, never fear. If you love coffee, chocolate probably follows a close second. It’s always been my belief that chocolate and espresso were meant to be together. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet without the weird families. So, in the spirit of kicking cupid to the curb until next year, here are few fun ways you can bring espresso and chocolate together any day of the year.

For the one who likes love, Italian style

So this first recipe doesn’t actually involve solid chocolate, but it does take cocoa powder. And what kind of self-respecting, chocolate-and-espresso-recipe-idea blog doesn’t involve tiramisu? Check out YumSugar’s “surprisingly easy” step-by-step guide to putting a world-class tiramisu on the table.

If the thought of making your own tiramisu has you shaking in your apron, YumSugar has 11 helpful photos to guide you through the process. The dish combines two cups of prepared espresso or instant espresso powder, Italian ladyfinger cookies, coffee liqueur, and a pound of mascarpone cheese. Hungry yet?

Just in case you haven’t the time, the energy, or the leftover chocolate to devote to this awesome tiramisu, YumSugar also has a fun “guess the chocolate’s filling” game that’s a good waste of five minutes. You look at a picture of a chocolate from a box of assorted See’s Candies and try to guess the filling just by looking at it. I got a 0/5. Guess I need to eat more See’s!

For the one who wants to put cupid in a chokehold

If your Valentine’s Day involved dipping into a bowl of ice cream and forgetting the whole day even existed, this next one’s for you. Haagen-Dazs is currently serving an espresso drink in their stores called a Mocha Baristo that features a shot of espresso blended with the brand’s mocha ice cream and drizzled with chocolate…

I’m sorry, what was I saying? I think I got distracted there for a moment.

I’m not lucky enough to live anywhere near a Haagen-Dazs ice cream shop, but I’m certain this can be made at home. I didn’t see the suggested mocha flavor on Haagen-Dazs website, but java chip doesn’t sound far off. It’s described as a “full-bodied coffee ice cream balanced by rich, sweet chocolaty chips. A delicious homage to one of life’s most perfect pairings.” See? Someone agrees with me!

Espresso Lover News

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