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Built-in Home Espresso Machine: Save Counter Space without Compromising Your Coffee

Fagor MQC-A10X - Automatic Built In Coffee Machine

Fagor MQC-A10X
Automatic Built In Coffee Machine

Many espresso consumers feel frustrated with an oversized super automatic espresso machine taking up all that precious counter space in their loft or condo kitchen. Perhaps you too are going through the hassle of moving your machine around whenever you need an extra foot of counter, be it for busy cooking days or special evenings with guests. Don’t let such an important part of your kitchen décor become a bother to your daily activities.

The solution to this common limited counter space problem is found in a built-in espresso machine. It is true that there is only a narrow selection of machines to choose from, and some of them are getting bad customer reviews for the coffee they produce and the manufacturing company’s service. You’ll want to avoid these at all costs.

There is one brand that is trusted above others in this market, and that’s Fagor. They are established since 1992 and offer a very good built-in espresso machine in an easy-on-the-eyes design that blends into a sleek and modern kitchen.

The Fagor MQC-A10X Yields Excellent Coffee

Do you like your espresso strong? Does your spouse like it weak? No problem! With this model you can prepare espresso drinks in three different strengths. And if you both enjoy the same strength, then you can have them ready simultaneously and both have your first hot sip together. Use the stylish mobile steam wand to froth some milk and transform your shot into a cappuccino, or use it as a hot water dispenser to quickly and safely prepare some tea for the special friend who will prefer a herbal infusion.

To Your Wall, Set Your Cup, Go!

Fagor MQC-A10X Epresso Machine - with cups

The MQC-A10X automatically controls the water temperature so that you extract the maximum flavor from the grounds without burning your coffee. And as long as you speak either English, French, Spanish, Italian or German, the display panel will warn you when the water is running low (if you chose to use the water tank and not hook it to your main water line), or when it’s time to add some coffee beans to the container.
While a Light Emitting Diode (LED) turns on when the machine is being used, a sleep mode will satisfy your environmentally-friendly conscience and put money back in your pocket by consuming less energy.

So Easy to Clean, You Can Even Forget About It

It simply can’t be more brain-dead. The machine will tell you when there’s enough scale build-up to justify a descaling session. What more, the descaling cycle is completely automated so you don’t have to do it yourself. Now that’s low maintenance!

If you live in a loft or somewhere you don't have much space and you are allowed to make a hole in the wall, this espresso machine is the right fit for you.

Right now, this built-in Fagor espresso and coffee center is available here with a 20% rebate and free shipping throughout the United States and Canada.


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