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Looking for home coffee makers ? Find out what you need to know to choose the right coffee maker for your needs.

Coffee makers companies such as DeLonghi, Mr.Coffee, Phillips Senseo,Hamilton Beach, Melitta and Protor-Silex offer an extraordinary variety of products. It isn’t always obvious which home coffee maker should be purchased, so here’s a bit of guidance to help you choose wisely.

There are three main categories of home coffee makers : percolator, drip coffee brewer and french press. You will select one or the other depending on what is attractive to you in coffee, the quantity you want to brew at once (they mostly come in 1-cup to 12-cup capacity), and the time you are willing to take to prepare your coffee.

Percolator brewed coffee is more bitter than other types and it will please those in bad need of caffeine to kickstart their day. It takes about 5 to 6 minutes for a cycle but if you don't stop it there, coffee might burn and you will notice it in the taste. Drip coffee makers are also for caffeine lovers. The resulting coffee is loaded with caffeine and some of the aroma stays in the paper filter. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to brew. Using a french press will result in coffee that has a rich taste and a smooth texture, and contains an average caffeine concentration. Brewing time is about 3-4 minutes. So if you enjoy aroma in coffee, go for a french press maker by bodum. Otherwise, generally prefer a drip coffee machine to a percolator. There are less chances that bitterness will take over on the taste.

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