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How To Brew Coffee - Coffee Brewing Instructions And Tips


Are you a newbie when it comes to how to brew coffee? I’ve been there, wondering what to do with the coffee package, the filter and the coffee maker. As I was staring at those supplies, I was hoping I wouldn’t make a mess. Here are the tips I learned over time that made me the designated coffee brewer in the family and at work: proper quantity of coffee required to brew a certain amount of coffee, water temperature, type of coffee machine, and a how-to guide to make all the process so easy nothing can go wrong.




First of all, the ideal quantity of coffee grounds that should be used for brewing 6 oz of water is 2 tablespoons. Ususally, the coffee measure that comes with the coffee maker you purchase will be 2 tbsp, but you can measure that before assuming it is your case. TIPS: if you like your coffee weaker than that, don’t use less coffee grounds! That just makes the coffee more bitter. Instead, brew the appropriate amount of coffee and add a bit of simmering water to your cup.



Capresso Coffee Team
Capresso Coffee Team
Next thing I learned is this: the ideal temperature for brewing coffee is between 92°C and 96°C (that is 197.6F to 204.8F). Below that, water isn’t hot enough to reveal all the aroma, and above that, your coffee’s taste will be altered, meaning your coffee will have burnt and you’ll know it. Your coffee machine should take care of that, unless it is very dirty or broken in some way. To know it, use a candy thermometer in your coffee pot when brewing. If temperature is inadequate, start thinking it’s time to clean the coffee machine. TIPS: Put cold water in your tank. It contains more oxygen than hot water, and it tastes better in the end.


After mastering the home coffee machine, I moved on to the office coffee maker, feeling confident I could brew coffee “with honors” for everyone... That’s when I noticed the machine was slightly different from my home machine: it was directly hooked onto the water line, making instructions even easier. On top of that, coffee grounds were pre-packaged with the right quantity of coffee for the capacity of the thermal recipient. A child could take care of it!


So here are my instructions for brewing coffee using a drip coffee maker, which is the most common coffee maker used in American homes (for other types, see Coffee Makers):


1. How many cups of coffee do you want? This is how many times you pour 6 oz of water in the tank. Close the tank’s lid.


2. Take the number of cups you want and double it. That is the number of tablespoons of ground coffee you need. Put a clean filter in your filter basket and put the coffee grounds in it. Put the filter basket back in place.


3. Put your coffee pot beneath the drip of the coffee machine.


4. Make sure your coffee maker is plugged and turn it on. Your coffee will brew when the right temperature is reached. Most machines stop automatically. Unplug your coffee maker when you’re done. Enjoy!


See our Coffee Makers page for more on coffee brewing and supplies.


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