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  • Fresh-roasted gourmet coffees, teas, spices, accessories, plus coffee and tea of-the-month club subscriptions at Coffee, Tea & Spice. We roast every bean we sell!
  • Double Shot Buzz: A caffeine-induced excursion through Life As We Know It. A monthly account of a Seattleite's search for decent coffee in tea-soaked England, along with archived columns from Seattle and California.
  • Honduras Coffee Company grows, imports, exports and roasts specialty coffee from the Comayagua Mountain Region of Honduras.
  • Decorated cappuccinos using only the movement of the jug.
  • Buy fresh roasted coffee from Golden Roast Coffee at competitive price. We sell genuine Arabica Bean coffee and these coffees are freshly roasted when your order comes in.
  • The finest gourmet coffees and teas from around the world! Founded in 1934.


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